Thursday 27 January 2022

Jazeera's colour trends

Jazeera Paints launches 2022 Colour Trends

RIYADH, 23 days ago

Jazeera Paints, a top-notch paint and coating company, vigorously paving its way in Saudi Arabia, is kick-starting a new beginning with the launching of the ‘2022 Colour Trends’. 
This year, a soulful, nourishing and enlightening four-colour collection is incorporated in paint, only to reflect the spirit of the ultra-modern life lingering around the globe, having contemplation, reflection and serenity as its core pillars. 
This cluster of inviting, warm colours will urge meditative introspection to come about, ushering in a new era of self-actualisation.
"Meditation and mindfulness is a practice which goes beyond the person. The interior design has always been influenced by various spiritual practices, bringing about the concept of the 'mindful home,' which means that being 'at home' is a metaphor for finding ourselves and our core. And this is what we're after here—with the hustle and bustle of the everyday life—it's become quite exhausting. We're in need of a space that gives us a bit of a breather. So, we're here to guide you through this colour trends this year," said Yahya Syiam, Director of Marketing at Jazeera Paints. 
"Not only will our homes become an authentic reflection of who we are, they will become a higher expression of who we might grow into. The 2022 Colour Trends will inspire us to slow down, reflect—and start anew!"
As colour experts at Jazeera Paints researched and identified key trends that influence the way people interact with colours, they cautiously selected the trendiest colours of the year; subsequently, they ultimately gravitated towards soothing, warm and earthy shades, reflecting a broader back-to-nature trend in interior design. That said, the 2022 Jazeera Paints colour palette included 32 aesthetic shades.
The 2022 colour palettes have been designed in a manner which enable earthy colour combinations to take on an elegant, modern look while enveloping the entire room in cozy warmth. They display a harmonious gradation of colours in the same space, encouraging a thoughtful, introspective attitude to reside.
This collection brings forth a cluster of soothing, tranquilising colours which express a consoling, alleviating attitude and a soft but powerful presence, creating an elegant aroma and a spiritual identity to the space. 
The palette is embodied by gentle colours and light neutrals along with some warm and subtle colour contrasts; it mainly puts an emphasis on getting into the right meditative, mental state. With shades solely designed to send off a comforting vibe, the interior will become a haven for all peace-seekers that wish to eliminate the stream of jumbled thoughts constantly crowding the mind. On account of that, this palette carries a deeply personal significance and an aesthetic touch.
The different shades of colour in this palette give off a more sophisticated, elegant approach to the interior. The new, fancy, and classy collection of colours are designed to boost one’s sense of confidence and optimism, enabling one to celebrate one’s new, elevated self to the fullest. 
With this aesthetic colour palette, self-actualisation becomes fully grasped as one becomes steps closer to realising one’s full potential and having an acute appreciation for life as it is. The ongoing dialogue between colours and things will then contribute to breaking all the boundaries which constantly limit one’s sense of growth and personal development. 
This colour collection is a major, basic step in the progression of introspection using paint.
"Joy" is not only an emotional state but a collection of enthusiastic, stimulating colours that add a revitalising feel to the space, reflecting various meanings of delight. 
This set brings a sense of playfulness to interiors and invites unexpected colour combinations. With joy as the ultimate reward for self-actualisation, the colours impart an imaginative, hopeful attitude to any space.
However, it does not stop here. At last, one will feel at peace with oneself—and one’s space. Intensified feelings of satisfaction take control of one’s psyche as one becomes comfortable in one’s own skin. 
In this collection, calming and composed colours shine as a reassuring backdrop and freshen up any space; shades of happiness, contentment and warmth are depicted. Healing and harmony, with a little gleam, become predominant themes in one’s interior's story.
Jazeera Paints, thus, calls for meditative introspection through the colours of the interior. The year of 2022 inspires a fresh new start for spaces to emit immense positivity and receptivity.
"Now is the time to come clean with yourself and your surroundings," said Syiam.
The 2022 Colour Trends is available within the company’s ready-to-order paints that take a sophisticated and an ultra-modern look, garnishing the walls of one’s interior. At Jazeera Paints, high-quality paint is guaranteed with a general philosophy that cares for one’s wellness as well. 
All colours and texture effects included in the 2022 Colour Trends are now available in Jazeera Paints stores in the Middle East and North Africa.-- TradeArabia News Service


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