Saturday 28 March 2015

With Yemen strikes, Saudis show growing independence from US

Saudi Arabia kept some key details of its military action in Yemen from Washington until the last moment, US officials said, as the kingdom takes a more assertive regional role to compensate for perceived US disengagement. The Middle East's top oil power told the United State


Testing of software adds to urgency in race for driverless cars

In the race to build a self-driving car, German automakers are hitting a road block in their efforts to test vehicles so complex they need more than 10 times the amount of software found in a fighter jet. German laws currently place limits on testing on public roads.


Gulf economies can cope with escalating Yemen conflict

Economies and markets in the wealthy Gulf oil exporters barely blinked when Islamist militants overran parts of neighbouring Iraq last year, and they look likely to ride out escalating conflict in Yemen with similar ease. Air strikes against Houthi forces in Yemen by Saudi Arabia


Fifa 'taking the wrong approach to development'

Fifa presidential candidate Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein of Jordan believes that world soccer's governing body is taking the wrong approach to development of the sport, leaving many national associations without basics such as kit and pitches. He said Fifa was "irresponsibl


GCC water issues: Cooperation is key

Unless GCC countries take all necessary measures to guarantee the availability of water resources the region is very likely to face many potential problems impacting the security, economic, and social fronts, warned an industry expert. The GCC countries face the same environmenta


Saudi private sector cautious in response to Royal Bonus

Very few private sector firms in Saudi Arabia have plans to follow a recent Royal initiative and pay Saudi nationals a special bonus, according to a new survey conducted by Mercer, a global human resources and investments consultancy.     The survey of 69 organisat


Postal delivery new indicator in e-commerce index

Postal networks are critical elements of the e-commerce chain, a UN report said, including home postal delivery as an indicator in a new global index to measure countries’ readiness to carry out business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce. The reach of the national postal network


Airbus A320 is an aviation workhorse

The Airbus A320 is the workhorse of Europe's aerospace industry, transporting more than a million people a day from business travellers to backpackers. The 150-seat medium-haul jet is one of the world's most intensively used together with its main rival, the Boeing 737.


Saudi wins back global market share with oil output push

When Saudi Arabia's oil minister Ali Al-Naimi says he does not want the kingdom to lose market share anymore, he really means it. Iraq, Venezuela, Russia and Kazakhstan all saw their oil partially replaced by Saudi crude in Asia, the United States and even Europe, with its la


V-shaped recovery in oil prices ‘unlikely’

A V-shaped recovery in oil prices is unlikely and Brent will average $52 per barrel in 2015 and $58 per barrel in 2016, a report said. In the past 15 years, the global economy was defined by rising commodity prices, zero interest rate policy, and a weak US dollar, added the "

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