Monday 31 August 2015

Oil nations step up focus on renewables

As the oil price further deteriorates, major oil-producing countries are increasingly looking to the future and to sustainability, a report said. Recently, Bloomberg forecast that two-thirds of the $12.2 trillion global investment in capacity-generation to 2040 will be in the ren


ME funds positive on stocks as valuations improve

Middle East fund managers have turned more positive towards equities in the region after a plunge in markets reduced valuations and oil prices rebounded, a monthly Reuters survey shows. The survey of 15 leading investment firms, conducted over the past several days, shows 20 per


Mena professionals ‘have a positive outlook on life’

Around 93.8 per cent of professionals in the Mena region have a positive outlook on life, with 56 per cent being “very positive” and 37.8 per cent being “somewhat positive”, a report said. Seven out of 10 professionals polled in the Mena consider themselve


Saudi forex under pressure as oil policy bites

Domestic macro costs of Saudi Arabia’s unchanged oil policy are likely to become more acute  and apparent, a report said, highlighting that safeguarding forex reserves will require deep budgetary cuts at current oil prices, rather than the gradual cuts being contemplated.


Gulf managers ‘must take more risks, develop talent’

Management in the Gulf need to take more risks and develop staff to think creatively, according to a new global innovation survey designed to help companies stop wasting their best ideas and flushing billions of dollars down the drain. Announced in Abu Dhabi today (August 30) by


Are there any reasons for hope in the Middle East? Maybe.

The winds of change are unexpectedly blowing through the Levant.   In the aftermath of the Iran nuclear agreement, there was a broad expectation, both in the region and beyond, that sectarian tensions and conflict would intensify and deepen the proxy battle betw


Arab Opec producers brace for oil-price weakness

A second oil price rout of 2015 has forced Arab Opec members to cut their price expectations for this year, showing they are prepared to tolerate cheaper crude for longer to defend market share and curb rivals' output.   Opec delegates, including those from


Efficiency mandates to cap recovery in oil demand

Lower prices should help stimulate oil consumption in advanced economies, restoring some of the demand lost over the last decade, as the cost of crude soared from less than $50 to more than $100 per barrel.   In the late 1980s and through the 1990s, strong growt


Smart solar palm trees spring up in Dubai

A new species of palm tree has started sprouting around Dubai. But instead of producing dates, the fronds of the Smart Palm harness the sun's energy to allow people to look up city information, access Wi-Fi, and charge their phones, all for free. Topped with nine leaf-shaped


Love them or loathe them, emails are here to stay

If seeing an inbox full of hundreds of emails fills you with dread, get used to it, because they are here to stay and will remain a constant in the workplace, according to a survey released on Wednesday. Despite the popularity of instant messaging, texting and social media, the p

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