Sunday 11 December 2016

Global airlines' profits to top $29bn in 2017

The global airline industry is expected to make a net profit in 2017 of $29.8 billion, representing a 4.1 per cent net profit margin and total revenues of $736 billion, said the International Air Transport Association (Iata). This will be the third consecutive year (and the third


Leveraging big data analytics in retail

Information is all around us, and every business - from finance to healthcare and telecom to real estate - relies on the use of big data and analytics for information in the form of actionable insights to discover opportunities and improve business agility. The future of retail a


Cyber threats ‘exploiting new technologies in 2017’

The upcoming year will include an increased breadth and depth of attacks, with malicious threat actors differentiating their tactics to capitalize on the changing technology landscape, said a report. “Next year will take the cybersecurity industry into new territory after 2


2017: The Year of the Cloud

The past year has thrown a spotlight on the importance of Availability – both of services and data. From a number of high-profile systems outages across the globe (think travel!), the public has come to understand the importance of having access to accurate information and critical servic


Qatar ‘offers clear strategy amid global flux’

Qatar offers a positive example of strong leadership and clear polices at a time when the global economy is passing through a period of high instability caused by geopolitical pressures, according to experts. More than 600 senior finance and banking executives attended The Euromo


Six big challenges facing the security industry in 2017

Attacks and defences adapt and evolve in a continuing dance. As a new technique is developed, its effectiveness increases rapidly until it is ready for deployment. Once deployed, broad exposure to real-world scenarios, feedback to the development team, and inclusion in other defences further im


Family businesses ‘must identify priority areas’

Family businesses in Mena region are facing rapidly challenges to development, to overcome which they need to identify their priority areas and proactively institutionalize, said management consultancy Strategy& in a recent study. Mena family businesses are currently facing t


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