Thursday 21 February 2019

AI raises ethical concerns: Deloitte report

The rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) has raised numerous ethical concerns, pushing us to redefine the future of work and society, said an industry expert. “Governments and Public sector entities around the world are already reaping the rewards of investing


Five myths of artificial intelligence: Gartner

IT and business leaders are often confused about what artificial intelligence (AI) can do for their organizations and must separate reality from myths to devise their future strategies, said global research advisory company Gartner. “With AI technology making its way into t


Dubai's property prices set for further decline in 2019

After peaking in second half of 2014, Dubai residential property prices have been declining over the past few years and are approaching levels last seen at the nadir of the 2009-2010 property crash, according to global ratings agency S&P. The property prices in Dubai are like


AI creates new skills gap in cybersecurity: study

The cybersecurity skills shortage has long been a problem for CISOs, (chief information security officers) and a recent report by the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) found this skills shortage is growing. The report found that IT groups have once again stated cybersecurity skills


No one should retire, says Sir Richard Branson

No one should retire, said Sir Richard Branson during a fireside chat at The Retail Summit in Dubai, UAE, adding that if you’re doing something interesting, you should carry on doing it. “If you’re in a position to make a difference, you should make a difference


Dubai industrial property sector ‘may be tested in 2019’

While Dubai’s industrial and logistics real estate market remained relatively stable in the six months leading up to 2019, it continues to be challenging, with increased flight-to-quality and supply still outstripping take up, said an industry expert. “We will continu


Prioritizing security in a multi-cloud world

Cloud awareness and adoption continues to grow, as more enterprises take advantage of the benefits that come with multiple cloud platforms.  In fact, in a recent Voice of the Enterprise (VotE): Cloud Hosting and Managed Services study, conducted by 451 Research, 90 per cent


Schools with no teachers: future of education?

In Bali, a school built entirely from bamboo in a cleared patch of jungle is creating a generation of young people who attend UN climate conferences, start fashion companies to help Indian children buy school uniforms, and lobby the Balinese government to reduce the usage of plastic bags on t


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